Ergometer stopped abruptly on purpose at 100% Heart capacity

gustavobSeptember 21, 2009

My cardiologist made me an ergometry that took me to 100% of my Hearth capacity, then he stopped the ergometer abruptly on purpose to see how my blood pressure drop was.

I almost fainted, my BP went from 20 to 10 in maybe less than a minute. Why did he do that? I couldn't ask on the clinic, he just said normally the test shouldn't be stopped abruptly and that I must do the same when exercising, not stopping abruptly.

Any ideas what the doctor wanted to do by this abrupt stop?

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would you say given the extreme conditions, the SBP drop from 200mmHg to 100 or less, is normal?

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You need to ask your doctor about this. We have no idea as to what would be "normal" for you.

As for why he did it? Perhaps he wanted to show you what could happen if you didn't slow down instead of stopping abruptly. Sometimes a good example is worth more than a thousand words.

Blood pressure can do weird things. What's normal for one person in certain situation, would be abnormal for another.

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:)) Thank you for your opinions.

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