Anyone have wood-look tile in master bedroom?

debbie1000August 20, 2014

We are in Florida, have dogs and a pool so wood is not practical.

We have porcelain tile in our main areas, wood-look tile in our den and carpet in our bedrooms.

We are finally redoing our master bedroom. I want to redo it with carpet as it is it is a warmer/cozier feel.

My husband wants wood-look tile and a large area rug. I think this will be a colder look and feel. I also think it may be a turn-off when we sell someday (maybe 5 years?)

Does anyone have wood-look porcelain in their master? What is your opinion?


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How often do you go into the bedroom dripping wet from the pool? Is the bedroom large enough for the dogs to run from end to end? It could be that wood would be just fine.

I have wood floors in my living room, dining room, and hall. I've had 1 or 2 dogs (with big feet) since the wood was installed. I keep their nails trimmed - as soon as I hear them clickity-clack on the floor, I get out the clipper. Our wood floors have scratches after 15 years, but not from the dogs.

I wouldn't want tile in the bedroom, even with a rug. But I live in North Dakota, not Florida, so my needs are a bit different.

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You're in Florida and worried about a "cold" floor? LMAO

Just put in the tile......

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Stone Tech--I meant aesthetically warm not functionally warm.

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Well, you DID say look and "feel..." Aside that, there are a number of excellent products that have a "warm" look....Cherry, mahogany, distressed barn, etc. You might want to have a look around......

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I agree with StoneTech. We are in the process re-doing our bedroom floors in cherry hardwood. We put radiant heat mat underneath because, well, Washington State.

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We have lux vinyl tile in plank form (wood look) in two colors/styles and a 12" tile our Florida home...
the style/color of the wood-look plank in a driftwood/limed elm was used in master bed/bath and I love it--
but not crazy about the teak look (more red/yellow tones) in the other living areas nor the gray sq tiles--just not what I would have chosen especially for house that is close to beach--
but the previous owners installed them--
but they have held up very well--think they have been down about 5 yrs
we have cat that sheds and dog that doesn't--
it is easy to sweep the cat's fur because neither type flooring has textured surface--
easy to come in/out of lanai area
easy to clean spills our grandson might make
there are some very realistic styles of LVT in plank format--
spend your time looking for good quality--it will pay off--
some stores don't carry wide variety of LVT so you might not see variety of carpet/laminate/tile in stock--

the LVT we are considering using when we remodel master bath/bedroom DOES have more of a texture to make the wood-look more realistic I guess...but now I am starting to think that might not be as easy to clean since tiny crevices might trap mop water and other stuff...

we like how there are no thresholds moving from area to area within the house--except guest bedrooms that have carpet--
that is why we chose to go with LVT again for bath remodel...

there are various ways those LVT products go down on slab/subfloor--
ours was glued and might be hassle to take it up but seams show no sign of peeling anywhere...

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