What is a good anti-perspirant?

michelle_s_phxazSeptember 13, 2006

I have been using Secret Invisible Solid for years, but all of the sudden it only works for a few hours and I am damp. I tried switching to Degree clear solid and it is worse and the deodorant in it doesn't work at all.

I have to wear a black shirt as my work uniform, so I need something that won't leave white marks, but what is strong enough? I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to test every product, so I thought I would get your opinions!


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It's not a good idea to try to completly stop sweating. This is one of the means that your body uses to keep you from overheating and having a heat stroke.

Have you thought about using dress shields to keep the prespiration from your clothes? Perhaps the answer will be to take the Secret with you and reapply it when you need extra.

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Thanks Agnes, but I cannot stand the feel of sweat under my arms, even though I know it is a natural body function. And unfortunately I can't really get to my purse every time I need to reapply, our lockers are in a different building than where I work so I have to keep everything I need in my pants pocket. Even the small travel sizes are too bulky for pants.

I know someone has to have an anti-perspirant/deodorant that works really well, please share!

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I know what you mean about not liking the feel. I use Shower to Shower powder for that reason. It would probably show through your black shirt though.

I think, but I am not sure, that the Men's anti-perspirant are stronger. My husband uses the Mennen's SuperStick that's supposed to be extra dry. My husband sweats a lot, but he says that it stops it for him.

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I wasn't going to write this, because I don't want you mad at me......but......I just gotta say it.
Antiperspirants are unhealthy. They have alot of aluminum in them, and that's not good for you. Plus, as Agnespuffin has said, it's not natural to stop the sweat.
My husband and son use just plain deoderant, but that's getting really hard to find. I can't believe that all those companies don't care what's bad for us.
I'm sorry that we live in a society that can't tolerate a few natural functions, and will even risk ill-health to cover up those functions.
I'm not sure how much science was done on this, but in the past I have heard that women who use antiperspirants, have a higher rate of breast cancer.
Okay........I'm done.

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Thanks Agnes, I actually did try my husband's Speed Stick (it smells like Irish Spring!) but it was no better than mine. The powder would definitely show through the shirt, so that I can't use, but I really appreciate your options. I wish we would go with a lighter color shirt, especially here in Arizona. I think the black nylon long sleeve shirts we have to wear are awful for this climate.

Catherinet, I appreciate your concern, and I am not mad, but I will continue to use antiperspirant. That is not an option for me, and I will continue my quest for a better antiperspirant. I work in a casino, so I think the second hand smoke will kill me faster than my underarm stick!

Here is a question: are roll-ons better than sticks? I know they go on sticky which is why I never used them, but would they work better in the long run?

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I think the roll on would work better. It wouldn't have the extra "waxy" stuff that the stick has. Perhaps, you could put on a light coat, let it dry and then put on another coat. Give it a try.
I can imagine what your problem is with your job. It's important that you keep up that appearance. I really thought it might be something that was heavy physical labor like heaving packages with UPS.

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My daughter perspires heavily & finds the best deodorant she has used, and won't buy any other now, is Secret Platinum. It costs a little more but she swears by it. It's stronger than regular Secret, which she won't buy.

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I use an all natural one that I get at the GNC vitamin store. It is a stick kind (but not sticky) and you wet it and rub on. It does a good job for me.

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Secret Platinum (stick) works the best for me. (It works a lot better than regular Secret). It seems to stay on forever too....I swear sometimes it's still on after I shower!

I have noticed that any time I switch anti-perspirants it takes a couple days for my body to adjust to the new formulas...and it's almost like it doesn't work for the first couple days. So don't give up the ship if you're trying new ones.

I actually do not use Secret Platinum all the time because I feel like it's clogging up my pores or something by not allowing me to ever sweat...so I switch off and use other name brands every now and then. Nothing compares, IMHO.

Good luck finding something that works for you.

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I like secret myself but wish it didn't have some of the bad ingredients.

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Keep away from anti-perspirants. They all contain aluminum which is one of the few known causes of alzheimers. Our bodies need to get rid of our toxins daily. This is a means of doing just that. Armpits are the major sweat glands. By stopping this process you are preventing your body from a natural elemination process. There are natural deodrants in health food stores that do not contain aluminum or you can make your own with a witch hazel base and a few drops of a natural anti bacterial such as coriander, which is the best . Also oregano and rosemary are excellent though not quite as good as the coriander. Bathe frequently and perhaps carry a damp cloth in a baggie and wipe yourself every few hours. You must be toxic and your body is responing in the only way that it knows how. There are ways to rid your body of this toxity.

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Thanks all who responded to the actual question asked! Robinva, you might want to read the entire thread before you respond. I had already explained my situation and was simply looking for a name brand, not a health lecture.

I tried Secret Platinum and it is wonderful! Thanks to those who recommended it, it works great.

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perhaps you should heed the sincere advice some people are trying to give you. if your job causes you to put your health at these risks (second hand smoke and blocking your underarm glands with chemicals that keep toxins inside your body) then maybe you should look at finding a different line of work that will make you happy and keep you healthy. i am saddened by how important looking good and smelling good have become, at the expense of people's health. i can be annoyed by the amount of underarm sweat (any sweat really) i produce at different times, but when i think about the alternative being detrimental to my health, i am happy to let my body do what it needs to do and sweat. i doubt that people are trying to lecture you, but rather, let you know that something that seems like a harmless, natural daily thing really isn't worth the risk.

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I use ESTEE LAUDER roll-on Anti Perspirant.
It cost a little more, but last longer then other roll-on's


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