Question re bladder prolapse

ivamaeSeptember 23, 2005

Has anyone ever heard of, or used a " fembrace" ,for prolapsed bladder. If you did, were you pleased with the results? Here is a site that tells about them.


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What does the doctor who diagnosed the prolapse recommend?

Considering that a prolapse is INSIDE, I doube that a fancy girdle could do much for it from the OUTSIDE.

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Surgery is not an option because of the quantity of repair surgery that has already been done a long time ago. Pessaries have been tried, but up to this point nothing has helped. There is one more pessary that can be tried and after that he says there is nothing he can do. I will have another appointment with him in a couple of months, so just wondered if anyone had tried this as a last resort.

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Have you consulted a GYN who specializes in prolapse surgery? There's a "sling procedure" that should fix the problem. Why would you be told you're not a candidate for surgery because of previous repairs? Pessaries don't work and neither will this fembrace.

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Yes, my gyn is a specialist in his field. He advises against surgery for several reasons. He did the previous surgery and although it might be possible would be so great that he advises not. The surgery before was very very major - much more so than most apparently.
thanks for all the advice

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Following up on dated postings - If you are experiencing prolapse symtoms (bladder, uterine, rectal) please visit the Choice for Prolapse site
they are a very supporting group.

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