Post gastroscopy pain

catsmom6September 4, 2009


I'm waiting for the doctor to call me but thought I'd try geting an answer from someone who's had it done. I can't swallow anything except my saliva and only that when I have to. I have a really cutting pain to the left of my adam's apple and when I try tried to drink even water I doubled over with the pain. Can anyone tell me this is normal?

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They probably scraped your throat with the instraments they used. I had a cyst taken out of my throat and I gargled warm salt water while it was healing, but I was able to swallow even though it hurt to do it.

You can also gargle with aspirin. Disolve a couple of tablets of uncoated aspirin in a little boiling water 1 or 2 tablespoons, then add cold water until it's warm and then gargle or swallow it. You can also try a pain killer cream like aspercream that you rub on the skin.

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Thank you Oilpainter. I'll try the salt first. I remember (and then forgot) that we used to do this when we were kids.

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If it doesn't go away I would check with another doctor in case something was punctured and the doc won't admit it.

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That's what I'm worried about. He took a biopsy so maybe he took more than his share. Also dilating it might have stretched it too thin. I think it's a bit better today. I notice that I can drink bigger sips than yesterday. I haven't tried food yet, though- just coffee.

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