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chuck1973August 5, 2011

Ordered 5/8 solid strand bamboo that I will be nailing down. I have sturdy 3/4 subfloor and I will be adding 3/8 plywood to raise floor to adjacent tile. Not planning to glue and screw 3/8 to existing sub (just screw) based on advice elsewhere. Is this right? Also, do I need a foam underlayment and vapor barrier (or a combo foam) or just felt paper? No moisture issues in rooms where install is.

I appreciate any help.

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Check the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations on how to install. They usually specify approved methods and tools for installing. They might also specify the underlayment such as 15# roofing paper. I've heard that strand bamboo is pretty tough and people needing either ultra-strong nailers or needing to pre-drill first. I think a lot of people glue them down for this reason. Your manufacturer might have some approved hints.

If the space below is a crawlspace, make sure there's no moisture issues down there either as moisture can come from below.

For the subfloor, definitely use screws. I would think gluing first is better unless you can think of a reason why you would want to remove the 3/8 layer later on.

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