Solid white oak hardwood & acclimation

sweetbabyjames5August 15, 2011

How long does it take solid (white oak) hardwood to acclimate? Our flooing guy said 1-2 days but that seemed short to us. Hoping that someone here can answer this!

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My flooring guy said 2 weeks for 4 inch 3/4 planks. I don't know if it is different in different areas, etc.

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If moisture readings are not being taken of the flooring and the subfloor, acclimation has little meaning and is simply a shot-in-the-dark.

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It is unknown if 2 days is the right amount of time for acclimation. The wood, the substrate, and the area needs to be equalized and within humidity and temperature specs. It sounds like the flooring guy really has no idea what he is doing if he is not testing these things for quantative data to base the decission to install on.

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