Prostate problem -med doesn't work ?

carole6September 30, 2008

My husband has been prescribed Prosac to shrink prostate. From all the info I've gathered,one can take this stuff for months,suffering side effects, & it probably won't work anyway. What have other men done? Have you tried alternative treatments & did they help? He also takes meds for HBP & cholesteral-side effects there, too.He usually feels miserable from it all, & would like to throw all the meds out.He's fed up with the medical profession in general, they don't listen when one tells them of side effects. Help, anyone? Thanks so much for any advice !

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Are you sure he's taking Prosac? That's usually given for depression, not prostate problems.

Ask his doctor about this. It may be that the prescription was for PROSCAR, which is a medication to shrink the prostate. Pharmacies do make mistakes sometime, especially when the doctor's hand writing is worse than usual.

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My mistake in spelling ! Yes, it is Proscar, & I'd like to hear from those experiencing problems with it. Is anyone taking Saw Palmetto instead? Also a zinc supplement that is taken in conjunction with the palmetto.

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