Painting, HeadThob, RedRash, EarPressure

mikie_gwSeptember 18, 2006

Diagnose me ? from Subject line ?

Happened once before early this summer, much worse then.

Painting the house exterior with sort of a special acrylic water based high-reflective/emmisive white paint.. making things cooler, save some energy. House needed paint too.

Suddenly 1pm, about 87F/65%, 100 heat index. I'm working in shade, brushing on white paint. Not a hard thing to do.

I pause & refill my carry round little half gallon deli potato salad container with paint.

My ears, I can suddenly feel pressure in my ears - notice from neck up to top of head suddenly throbs to my heart beat. Not a major throb, but a noticeable throb.

I notice my freckled arms look sunburned but look at their bottoms and its red too .. sort of a rash - mostly seems only where the skin isn't fully covered with clothes. My shirts unbuttoned two buttons,, and just the top part of my chest seems to be rashy. Palms of my hands are extra pink, fingers or their joints feel swollen, uncomfortable.

But I cant see my back, which is suddenly itchy... suddenly my neck and head is itchy. Now my palms start itching. Little bit winded, not much. Taking my time painting slow.

What's happening ?

Anyhow I painted for another 45 min or so to get to a stopping point , clean the brush and come inside and watch a movie - takes two hours before I start to feel half right.

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if you were painting in 100 heat index, you may have been very close to heat stroke. Your body can't get rid of the excess heat as it should even though you were in the shade.

It could be a reaction to breathing in those fumes from the paint. The two things, heat and paint, could really have done a number on you. I'll bet that if anyone had taken your blood pressure, it would have been much higher than usual.

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Are you sure you didn't get a bite from something?
I agree with agnespuffin, heat and some sort of reaction to the paint. Do you really hydrate yourself ahead of time?
I really does sound more like an allergic reaction of some sort.
When it happened before, was it while painting with the same stuff, and a similar high temp?
Do you have any other medical problems. Are you on any meds?

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No meds, sort of yes on the before, cept it was hotter that day and no paint, wire brushing bad wall getting ready for paint. I sip diet coke mostly, constantly almost.

Born with mildly bad ticker - pulmonary valve undersized and endurance is a bit less than average Joe. Recuperating powers are slower than avg Joe. Take me a day of laziness after a day of boating/fishing where most people are raring to go fishing again the next morning after a nites rest.

Forgot to mention, numb lips.. kinda strange.

I really was temperature wise comfortable, taking it easy enjoying the zen of doing a good job with no rushing. Plenty of paint, plenty of time.

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I think it's time for a check up. Probably nothing, but tricky tickers can get upset and do ugly bad things very quickly. It's always a surprise.

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Ditto. Take care of yourself mikie.

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