Laminate coming up, help!! Please

nicoleL27August 4, 2014

Hello, i am currently renting a home, my landlord is very old and unfortunately sick so I try to bug him as little as possible. I am trying to find a solution to the problem that doesn't involve me damaging anything. My landlord had laid down what I think is laminate, wood looking flooring on top of the hard wood floors. I am not sure that there is anything in between the two. The problem is he had placed something around all the walls to hold it down and something on all the door ways. All but the bathroom was done because the bathroom is about a half an inch lower than the laminate. Problem is the steam (I think) has made the laminate start coming up. I looked at Home Depot for something to use but couldn't find anything and the employees were not helpful. As silly as it sounds I even tried squeezing some wood glue under there but that didn't work. The problem started months ago and I have kidna been brushing it off but now it is started to spread to the next laminate board. It seems the only thing I can do is nail them. My question is, is that ok? If there is nothing in between the laminate and the hardwood floors will his hardwood be ruined by a nail? Is there anything else I can do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so long.

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From your description, my guess is the floor is most likely locked in place around the perimeter and at the doorways. Laminate flooring that gets trapped cannot expand and can force sections to raise up. But I may be off base here.

What do you mean by steam? Where would the steam be coming from?

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Thank you so much for responding. I could be wrong because I have no idea how any of this works but my thought was that the steam from the bathroom was making the laminate come up. Since that is the only area I am having a problem with. And yes you are right all of the laminate is locked together so I can't simply remove that peice and replace it.

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When I say steam from the bathroom I mean the hot showers. Maybe that mixed with the fact that there isn't anything holding down the edges of the laminate like there is in the rest of the house

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I don't really have any advice about the floors, but I would say that you should let the landlord know about it. He might be glad that you told him so that something can be done before it gets worse:)

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