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organic_donnaJanuary 18, 2007

This is the second season that I have watched American Idol. I love watching the singers and how they develope over the show. Last night I was watching them choosing the contestants in Seattle. Simon, Paula and Randy were extremely cruel to these people. They made fun of their appearances and laughed at them while they were performing. They made fun of one poor kid's bulging eyes and told him to his face that he had weird looking eyes. How can anyone be that mean? Who do they think they are?? They should all take a good look in the mirror. I'm ready to turn Idol off for good. Did any of you see the show??


P.S. I know what you're going to say..."don't waste your time watching Idol".

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I've watched Idol since it's first show -- I'm a reality television junky -- last night I was appalled at the judges. They were cruel and insensitive. They have a right to criticize someone's singing, those people showed up for singing auditions. They have no right to criticize anyone's appearance nor laugh at physical or mental "defects". If it wasn't bad enough that Paula, Randy and Simon were innappropriate in their statements and actions, why in hades do the producers put those horrible comments and actions on television? Why, because polls show that people like to watch the train wreck performances. It's become sport and entertainment to make fun of people's defects. No wonder kids are going on rampages and shooting up schools. Irresponsible television needs to stop. Okay, off my soapbox, you got me started.

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I'm too busy to watch much TV but my youngest insisted I watch the season opener of AI with him. I had never seen it before.

Wow - a shameful performance by the judges - utter lacking in most human and humane qualities.

As to why the producers put this crap out can be explained by my oldest son - he works for Sony Pictures and I feel has some insight into the minds of producers.

"Dad, a Producer is a pimp wearing a very expensive suit."

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That's interesting. I don't generally watch the show, but I was bored this week and watched both episodes. After what I've heard about Simon, he seemed very nice and apologetic to many of the singers. Yes, he called the one guy a Bush Baby, and that tall woman a giraffe, but for a few contestants he even shut up and let the other two talk.

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I have never seen American Idol nor any of the reality TV shows. And I never will. From what I have seen from the promotional clips, I think they all show the human race at its worse.

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You can't clump all reality shows into one basket. I love "Dancing With the Stars". It has brought ballroom dancing back on the map. I am currently taking a ballet class, first time ever, and in the spring I will sign up for ballroom. This show makes me want to learn to dance. I like "Idol" because I love to see new talent being born. Jennifer Hudson from "Dreamgirls was an Idol finalist.

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Thousands of people audition for the show, yet they select a few who have no talent and are strange or funny looking. They just do it for the ratings. I'm sure they could select ALL very talented, good looking people, if they wanted to.
Of course this doesn't excuse the rude comments by the judges, but any controversy is good for ratings!

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They made fun of their appearances and laughed at them while they were performing. They made fun of one poor kid's bulging eyes and told him to his face that he had weird looking eyes. How can anyone be that mean? Who do they think they are??

I have to agree with Clare. This is the reason why I only saw the very first show of the first season. I've refused to watch it since.

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I have been a fan since the second season. My complaints in the past were because singers with more popularity, got to stay on the show longer even though they were very obviously less talented. I was so fed up the season that Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) got booted. She was a powerhouse, but she lost out to others who were more popular. I have seen her perform live and the only thing she lacked at that time was material. I felt the judges were cruel...more cruel than in previous seasons, in fact. They reported the highest ratings ever, so there may be a link to that "train wreck" theory, cordovamom. As a rule, I like a few reality shows...Top Chef, Runway, Dancing w/Stars and Split Ends are the ones that I have followed. Everyone in the media has been very vocal about this new AI, so I believe we will see a change...I do hope so! I do dance Donna, but Dancing w/Stars has made me want to DANCE!!! Dh and I will one day soon. :D I loved ballroom dancing when it appeared on public television.

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I decided this year to cull back on the Winter-Spring shows, and so have planned only to watch the final 12 contestants. Its interesting you bring up the increased cruelty - because I just found myself resolving not to watch Leno this year because of his increased vulgarities recently, and I really have enjoyed his personality and take on life in other areas.

As a music teacher, though I am a big fan of Idol, I have always winced at the gratuitously negative criticism, even if the contestants do sign a statement in advance that they may be subject to ridicule, because young people are more vulnerable to it, especially those in the earlier stages of try-outs.

Perhaps we should sit at our new counters, shoo the cats off, and write a few letters of protest!

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I've never watched the show myself, but I did read an interview once with Simon. He said that when they first started filming the show, he and the other judges were pretty nice. But test audience reaction (or maybe actual ratings, I can't recall exactly) was that the show was very boring. So he put on the nasty persona specifically for ratings.

PS, I've never watched survivor, big brother, cops, amazing race or any of the other reality shows either.

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