Ack! Anyone ever put a gameboy through the wash?!!

paigectJanuary 22, 2006

DS is going to freak out. Usually when strange things go through the wash, it's his fault because he left them in his pockets and then threw the clothing in the laundry. But this time, I washed his jacket without him knowing and missed this in the inside pocket!

It started when I first removed it from the washing machine. But the game wouldn't come on. Then I tried to use the hair dryer on it and now, it's not working at all.

Of course, his favorite game fell victim as well.

So, should I wait and see what happens, and if so, how long? Or is it toast?

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I've had things like walkie-talkies come back to life after falling in a river! I would unscrew/open up the game boy as much as possible and let it dry out at room temperature. A hairdryer might cause more problems. Good luck!

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YES! same was my fault. if you send it back to nintendo, they'll send you a "new" (refurbished) one for around 50 bucks. Look up Nintendo contact information. That's what we did. (They sent one in a different color, but at least they sent one!)

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Chispa, lol on the walkie talkies in the river. I once dropped my cell phone in a bucket of water and tsp while washing my old cabs. That one never recovered. Sigh.

Reno, that would have been a great solution, but . . .

. . . DS wanted to upgrade anyway. So I contributed the cost of the gameboy and he used some savings to upgrade to the Gameboy DS. So it was a fortuitous accident from his perspective, but I'm out $70!

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My son washed his cell phone by accident and it went to the dryer as well. I think that what saved it, the dryer, as the only thing that stopped working after that was the ringing noise. So try to dryer, it cannot get any worse. Just make sure you have lots of cloths as well, so it does not get banged up.

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Your son will love the DS and depending on which Gameboy you washed, so will you. We went from Gameboy Advance to GB DS and love, love, love that we are not feeding that darn thing so many batteries. Indirectly it's also good training for my sons in thinking ahead and keeping their batteries charged.

Did you buy any of the wi-fi enabled games? Those were at the top of my kid's holiday gift list.

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punamytsike, I will see if it comes back to life in a few days. Fortunately, the Pokeman game he had worked very hard on did turn out to be ok, so he didn't lose all of his saved work!

We had the next one up from the Advance - - what was it called? It folded like a laptop and had a rechargeable battery. Also had the Advance, I'm ashamed to say. Really, he doesn't play it that much. He's not one of those kids who is perpetually hooked up! But it's great for traveling or bad-weather days, and I limit the time.

He could only afford two games, so he bought a racing game and a Nintendogs game. On Nintendogs, he got a Pug and named it the same thing as our real-life Pug. So now he sits around, calling his virtual Pug by name and giving her commands, driving the IRL Pug insane because she thinks he's talking to her. She sits when he says sit, and doesn't get the biscuit she thinks she deserves, and it drives her nuts! Then the virtual Pug barks, and the IRL Pug goes crazy, running around the house barking back. Pretty funny. I told him if he spent half the time training the IRL Pug that he does the virtual Pug, we would have the best behaved pet on the block. ;-)

What are the wi-fi enabled games? And, since I don't really understand wi-fi, do you have to live near a place that is hooked up, so to speak? 'Cause I don't think we do.

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I don't think anyone mentioned that you should always remove the batteries of whatever electronic device has been in contact with water, and then let it dry out. I was told that it's the first thing you should do...I guess if the device has a power source and gets wet it can cause a short or something. I've had good luck with this method, but maybe it's just that...good luck!

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Don't feel bad...we had GB Color, Advance and now the DS.

DS #1 got Nintendogs when it came out...the yellow lab one, I think. After he earned enough points he let me buy a corgi I named Lizzie. LOL, re: naming the fake dog the same name as the real dog. When DS was naming his first dog, the only thing it would recognise for him was the name "Kitty"...and we only have cats! Funny!

To have wi-fi, you need a wireless router and a wireless card to go in your computer so it can connect wirelessly thru the router to internet. Not sure if you visit McDonalds but they just had a big push with Nintendo featuring their games and now I think McDonalds all have wireless internet, as do many coffee shops, hotel lobbys, etc...

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hmm. So you can play the games online? Or at least some of them, I guess. Interesting. Thanks!

And lol on the dog named kitty!

When ds was small, he had a bunny he named Mew Mew, because he thought it was a cat (despite our protests).

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