Medicare alone?

goldySeptember 29, 2007

Anyone out there have "Medicare" alone?Do you think it's worth it to take a chance? Let me know your thoughts.My budget is so slimed down now It's either Com cast and my computer or my medical insurance.I'm really in a mess.

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I wouldn't dare just medicare....too much that it doesn't cover. One serious illness requiring hospital days and surgery MRI CT scans and you are a ward of the state.
Linda C

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Thankyou.Guess I will have to find something else to do without.Get rid of car or find a part time job.

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It's a gamble. Especially if you have health problems. Ours went up every year. I added up the cost of the premiums and they were much much more than we would have had to pay out of our own pocket. We are both very healthy and all we usually have is the twice a year doctor visits.

I even had cataract surgery and my portion of the bill was less than the yearly premium.

Should you have a large hospital bill, you can always arrange to make monthly payments equal to what you would have to pay in monthly premiums.

As I said, it's a big, big gamble. But if money is real tight, AND you are reasonably healthy, you might want to think about taking a chance. First, figure out what it is costing per year.

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