Trafficmaster allure shiny scuff problem solved and other items

acolleenflAugust 9, 2010

I installed my piedmont ash color allure flooring, or I should say my husband did this weekend. Our run was made in May/2010. It took about 3 days to do about 500 sf. We have a small place so the extra time it took was because we had to constantly move furniture, work tools and the boxes of planks out of our way. It was easy except for the bending and kneeling. Scoring the planks was harder than expected, especially long ways, you need LOTS of blades for your knife. We could have used a laser level or something to keep our first row of planks straight. (our walls ended up not being straight. Our installation was for 3 connecting rooms with a continuous pattern, so the planks are slighly off even with measuring all the walls prior to installation). We had alot of waste cuts but still 4 boxes left over (we did the 110% calculation the instructions called for). The small "going around things" and other angle cuts were difficult but we are going to hide any uneveness with new baseboards so no problem.

Overall, LOVE the floor so far. We read the difficulties people have had and the only problem we encountered was the shiny scuff streaks that I had read about on these forums and others. We put down a sheet when we moved our stove but still got the shiny scuff marks. Also got them when we moved our sleep sofa. Luckily after much research I found out how to remove the streaks:

I used a scotch brite pad (NOT the no scratch kind). Poured a little bit of undiluted vinyl floor cleaner on the area (I used the armstong once n done no wax cleaner (I couldn't find the allure cleaner) and LIGHTLY buffed (in a circular pattern) the area of the streaks. Unfortunately it took away a little of the shine of the floor, made it sort of duller, but didn't affect the pattern or color of the floor. So then I took the pad and LIGHTLY buffed the entire area around the scuff (I ended up doing my entire kitchen but it is a small area). I went in light strokes in the direction of the wood grain. I then used a damp sponge to remove the cleaner. The kitchen floor looks great now and you can't tell there were ever streaks. Again, my area is a small u shaped kitchen so it was easy to buff the entire floor. A larger area would have been harder.

I bought the Trafficmaster Single Step Satin finish floor cleaner/polish to apply over the buffed kitchen floor to bring back up the shine, but it was WAY shinier than the original floor. I am going to look for the one step matte finish which i hope will do better. They also have a shiny gloss product, but I prefer the look of a matte finish.

No seam lifting problems yet, will have to wait til the floor is in longer to comment on that.

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Thank you so much for posting about your Allure experience. We are going to put it in our basement where we have an apartment. Roughly 1400 sq ft total so it is a pretty big area. Please keep us up to date. So no lasting odor?

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We installed allure trafficmaster in our new addition (280 sq ft) exactly 1 month ago and are pleased so far. This was directly on the subfloor and was in the boxes for 2 weeks acclimating in the room before laying down. "Country pine" stick planks are fairly easy to lay but do be sure to keep dust and particles away from the glue strips while laying down and clean the subfloor beforehand. We used a small hand roller to seal the glue strips as they were laid down. No peeling up or loose ends are evident yet. This is over a crawlspace (not a slab). So far so good for our experience. Thanks too for the tip on the scuffs, we were careful while laying down but my tennis shoe (tips) would make marks as I was on my knees turning around while my shoe tips streaked a few semi-circles on a few spots behind me.

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