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goldySeptember 22, 2007

I have soft contacts and in the twenty years using them I need help.Went to take them out and one slipped and went upward and in.I can;t get it out and I don't know what to do.Please help if it ever happened to you.

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I have had this happen, more than once. first of all relax. it may be painful if the contact is crumpled as well as high up in your eye. It helps if you saturate your eyeball with saline solution. Tilt your head back and lift up your eyelid and squirt solution to really saturate your eye, I usually use my finger to gently press and slide my finger along my closed eyelid. the problem usually is that the contact has reached a point high up over the curve of the eyeball, once you work it past that point it will easily slip back into place.

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Thanks for your help.I got it out.

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Glad that you got it out. I too have had that happen a few times and I just did the same thing by closing my slid and trying to slide it down by maneuvering over the closed lid.

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