oregano health benfits

larkspur_growSeptember 17, 2010

Hello,have any of you tried oregano capsules or oregano oil for health benefits? I am trying them,had a bad sore throat for about a week, tried these capsules,gargling with lots of strong salt water solution often and drinking lots of herbal teas and apple cider vinigar. I went to the Dr, to have it checked out and there was no infection left,I didn't need antibiotics, I was so glad.

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Hi, I used to use the oregano capsules but I didn't find them to be of much help or change.

As for the sore throat, it is a viral infection going around rampant, I had it three weeks ago, took a Z-Pack of antibiotics, felt better, got it back twice as bad. Now my husband has it, I think nothing less than an atom bomb of rest, fluids and antibiotics (if an infection is present, mine is an upper respiratory infection) will help, but the oregano can't hurt. Give it a try, let us know the results!

Feel better!

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I would say the salt water had more to do with you getting better than the oregano tablets. Salt has antibiotic properties and it kills bacteria.

I just had a tooth pulled. The dentist had a hard time pulling it. The tooth broke off and she had to dig out the root--nasty. She did give me an antibiotic. I took a couple but every time it got sore I rinsed my mouth with salt water and the pain reduced to a tolerable level. It has been 4 days and already the hole has closed in.

Salt is great for a sore throat. It's what my whole family uses and it works. Be very careful with any herbal medication and don't overdose. You can get harmful side effects with them as well as medications. After all they too are medications and many present day meds started with herbs

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I should have said salt has ANTICEPTIC properties

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Thanks for the input,I do believe that salt is great for sore throats but I have highblood pressure and am wondering if its harmful if I end up swallowing some.

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Larkspur, mouthwash containing alcohol or antiseptic will also help kill the bacteria without the excess salt.

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