How many oz. is your carpeting? What is recommended?

colorfastAugust 2, 2012


Can you all tell me about your carpeting choices? What weight of carpet do you have and what do you think about it? If you've had it for a while are you happy with it?

I am looking at about 3 carpeting choices ranging between 46 oz, 53 oz. and 68 oz. They are all nylon and have long warranties and stain protection. It appears that I am looking at between $1600-2000 for the room for the choices I am looking at.

It is for a family room that both gets a lot of traffic from garage to kitchen, and is where kids sit on the floor to watch movies. So it needs to be durable but still comfortable. I am looking at a medium brown to hold up to the 3 kids and poodle.



In case you need room details:

1. Room size is about 23' long by 13' wide.

2. Door from the garage comes into this room and there are many trips daily from that door to the kitchen and rest of the house.

3. Half the room has sofas and TV

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Probably should mention the specs on the carpet samples I like:

Floorcraft Tigressa 4 star nylon at 53 oz
Meditate Stainmaster 5 star 46 oz
Riverfest Plus II Stainmaster 46 oz
Platinum Plus Expressive II from HD 68 oz

The Tigressa comes in 15' so I'd have no seam.
Kids like the Riverfest a lot because it's so soft.

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Bumping...please answer if you could!

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