IT Bank Syndrome (knee pain)..anyone??

gma_jSeptember 20, 2009

My teenage granddaughter has been diagnosed with IT Band Syndrome, which is pain in her knee that is made worse by her sports, etc. They are recommending physical therapy, which won't make it go away, but will help strengthen. She is very athletic so this really puts a cramp in her activity level, though she choses to bare the pain and do her sports. Do any of you have anyone who has had this same diagnosis?...and what was the recommended therapy....and the results? Thanks for any information.

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I think I may have the same problem but I am in my late 50's. The pain sometimes comes down the side of my thigh but my knee aches all the time. If I touch the knotty bone at the bottom of my knee I can feel it across the outerpart of my knee. Almost like something is moving. And if I put weight on my knee there is a burning sensation or squishy feeling. I also have Plantar Facisitis (sp), I think and am wondering if its all related.

Is her pain similiar?

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I googled IT band syndrome and found some excerises to do. Did them last night and this morning. Actually feels a little better. Will see if tomorrow when I do my areobics if it hurts less. I usually wear a knee support but can really tell when I take it off. Will see.

Have her try some Biofreeze gel after her sports and at night. Its like Ben Gay but much better and no smell. Just wash hands really well and don't touch your eyes anytime soon afterwards.

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