imipramine hydrochloride (depression med) for angina??

bluejeansSeptember 22, 2009

HI folks. As of yesterday my cardiologist decided to try me on imipramine hydrochloride because I am still having some problems with angina when walking. I have coronary artery disease and am on other meds too for this. He did mention that this medicine was used for depression but as a lot of us know, some medications also have other uses, this being one of them. Has anyone here been prescribed this for this reason and how did you find it? TIA.

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I've never been subscribed it, but I know someone who was given something similar. I asked my pharmacist about it. He said that they found that sometimes these types of medication will help with chronic pain. That's all I know

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Oilpainter - Thanks for the reply. I guess that sort of makes sense to me.

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