How do I clean the dust/haze from new tile?

debbie1000August 15, 2013

I just had wood-look tile installed yesterday. Today they did the grout. There is a lot of dust/haze on it.

How do I get that off so that it does not get tracked through the house-just keep wiping it off with water until it is all gone?

The installer is coming tomorrow to put down the baseboard but I am sure he is not going to clean it up.

Hopefully it won't all be stuck to the tile by tomorrow. I want to make sure that I am now wiping off all the "good" grout when I do it.

Should I wait a few days to do this?

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The grout haze should have been wiped off by the installer.

Call them back and tell them that it's part of the installation job.

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+1 to lazygardens. If it's not wiped off in a timely manner it will become quite permanent. It's not just dust, it's grout that will harden. Keep wiping, and rinse your sponge often.

Then chew out the tilers for poor workmanship.

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I'm not a tile expert but I thought that some of the grout was generally left on the tile and needed to be cleaned off after the grout cured. If the installer is too aggressive at removing the fresh grout it could remove the grout you want to remain.
A quick Google search turned up this page which seems to confirm what I thought:

It is the installers job to remove and the haze is not unusual.

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Yes, there will always be hazing that needs to be cleaned off. That's part of the job!

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Did they come back and clean it off?

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No, we cleaned it ourselves. Most of it is gone but will clean it once or twice more to make sure all of it is gone.

We might seal the grout after that but I'm not sure.

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We bought our tile and supplies and a friend kindly installed ours, so understandably I was left to clean it. The tile store salesperson told me use to a good sponge and 50% warm water and 50% vinegar. It worked.

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