fractured my wrist

downsouthSeptember 1, 2005

yesterday i fell out of a chair while hanging draperies and the ER doctor said my wrist is fractured in two places and will need surgery. i have an appt. with an orthopedic dr. in the a.m.

how long does it take a fracture to heal after surgery? am i looking at months of not being able to use this hand? is it more painful after the surgery? will i have steel pins? is this done as outpatient surgery? i guess u can tell i've never had a fracture and this is very scary to me.

pecking this out one hand. thank goodness it wasn't my left hand as i'm lefthanded..

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You will probably be surprised at what you will be able to do. You will most likely have a cast that will allow you to use your fingers and hand while keeping your wrist steady. It will probably be done as out patient. Whether or not you will need any pinning depends on where the break (or breaks) is. It may be painful for a couple of days as there is probably will be some swelling.

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I forgot to tell you not to worry. This is a common break with kids. They fall off bicycles, skates, horses, you name it, they will fall off it. It doesn't even slow them down. My son had TWO of his six children with broken wrists at the same time. It didn't even change the activity level in the house.

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Ask your doctor!

Without seeing the x-ray and your medical records, nobody can tell what will happen.

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my appt. was changed to next tues., to allow swelling to go down.

i will ask my dr, but i was just seeking general info from anyone who has had a fracture.

thanks, logfrog. you sure have made me feel better.

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My dr. set my wrist and even with a novacaine injection, it was very painful. The cast comes off in two weeks and so far, no surgery.

My fingers are still very swollen, esp. around the joint area, so I can't bend my fingers. Doctor said if I didn't start moving them, I am going to have a claw hand. I try to bend them, but they aren't bending very far due to stiffness. I also try to bend them back a little, but I'm worried I'll so something and hurt my injured wrist.

The cast goes right up to my knuckles. I wasn't told any kind of exercises to do except to get these fingers moving.This has been an ordeal I don't want to go through again. Any advice on helping my fingers loosen up? I am going to try he heating pad tomorrow.

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Just keep wiggling them as far as they can go without extreme pain.

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YOur doctor said to move them. So move them as much as possible as often as possible. Your wrist will let you know when you do too much. Has he checked you since you had the cast put on? If your hand is still swollen, he may want to loosen the cast up a little.

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I have seen him every 2 wks since this happened on 8/31. Each time they do an x-ray to make sure bone is staying straight.

Iam bending my fingers down as far as they will go and back as far as I can stand the pain. He saw how swollen my fingers are, but he said I need to get the fluid moving, so I am doing that often. I have been typind with one hand, but later i am going to try both hands. that would be good exercise.

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