Did you move to a drier climate and did it help?

devorahSeptember 14, 2006

Have any of you with RA, lupus, or fibro moved to a drier climate and did it really help you? My husband and I aren't thrilled at the prospect of moving south and leaving behind friends and family, but I seem to feel so much better in Arizona than I do here in wet Washington. It is already dark and raining here with daytime temps in the 50s and nightime in the 40s and I am not feeling at all well.

Our other dilemma is that my husband doesn't want to retire until he is 70 which would mean another 10 years to endure the cold. I am the one who is diabetic in addition to my other problems, so I am the one who incurs most of the medical expenses that are currently covered so I don't feel like I am in much of a position to object.

I also think that the gargantuan chore of moving is probably easier at 65 or 66 than it is at 70. What has your experience been?

I am going to post this in the retirement forum as well.

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The heat in Arizona could be a problem for you. I think I would tend to want to stay around family and friends as long as possible.

The heat might help the RA, but judging by a cousin's problems with lupus, I think the added stress caused by the heat might not be worth it. Even with A/C, heat can lay you low!!

Every person is different. Maybe by the time you are eligible for Medicare, your husband medical insurance will not matter.

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I have RA and live near Houston, Texas. Along with the fatigue of RA and heat sensitivity from the meds, I'm not outside much in summertime anymore. The heat exhausts me.

However, the cold just hurts too much to be outside at all in winter. If your visit helped, can you and your husband do vacations in AZ before you decide to actually move? Or how about just leaving thru winter?

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We are doing our vacations in AZ. This year we were going to go in the summer and see what it was like at its worst, but an appendectomy ate our vacation money.

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