I'm in Design School!!!!

pirulaJanuary 20, 2006

Okay, wait. Before you get TOO excited, it's actually that RHODEC correspondence design school in London. It's not like I've enrolled at Parsons School of Design or anything (I wish). But I am excited about it! I'm doing it just for fun, although I suppose I could parlay it into a second career someday, but that's not the plan for now

So, I'll be asking for lots of help on my homework!! You guys game?



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Oh, yeah, Ivette, like you don't have enough going on in your life right now.

Maybe when you're done, you can become an MD. Then you can take up the celo, master that. Become an airline pilot, you can fly yourself to your own concerts world-wide. Then you can take on a million other activities during layovers. Think of all the free time you'll have. You can give airport tours.

ARE YOU CRAZY???????? When will you have time for all this?


(Actually just very jealous ~ I wanna do that!)

I don't think you'll ever stop amazing me. You go, Girl!

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What Lori said!

Of course we'll 'help you' with your homework! How very exciting, Ivette ~ I just know you are going to be the teacher's pet-lol

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Neato, Ivette! I would love to go back to school for landscape design; perhaps when I "retire."

I can't wait to see our first assignment. I'm sure I'll get it all wrong but it will be interesting to learn along with you.

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Most excellent decision, Ivette- you've taken TKO to a new level!

What time do you post homework?

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Ivette, how wonderful! I'm enrolling in a design class here at the technology school...hadn't even thought to check out a correspondence course. Would be very keen to hear what you think of the programme and why you picked that school.

Good luck.

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What Lori said, PLUS you can re-roof the house in-between 5 AM and the time you start painting those Crown Points!

Ah, youth - grab for the gusto while you can; don't listen to naysayers, but we are exhausted thinking about your schedule.

Congratulations, you will have FUN with it. You might have even more fun in about 6 months, after you are moved back into a normal, finished space. We admire your endless energy!

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LOL! Gosh, you guys make me feel like SuperWoman! (hardly, BatGirl perhaps, hmmmm).

Remember, I'm doing this for fun only and it's a go at your own pace kinda thing. Still, it is an added challenge. I just thought I had better do this NOW so that I can benefit from it as well as friends down the road. Afterall, I am going to have to decorate the space once it's done. And even though I think I know exactly what I want to do, I'd love to learn more to see if I'm just completely way off base, or could do it better.

Yes, I guess I am crazy!!

Youth. Yes darnnit! 42 on Monday and I am STILL young!! Get this, was at the DMV yesterday getting a new license. The dude takes my picture. Then he calls my name, looks at the pic, looks at me, looks at the license, looks puzzled and says "1964??" Then say "um, be sure and check everything for accuracy." Hee hee. I love that I still get carded.

Ivette, the paint brush slinging, design school studying, baby brother psychiatrist, mommy, diplomat, TKO!

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That's great, enjoy! I hope you'll give some details of what you learn once you get going.

On a slightly different level, DH and I have signed up for a cabinet-making class (continuing education dept. at a junior college).

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Hooray! Design school is a blast.

Until I went back to work part time 2 years ago, I was attending a design program at the community college here.

The first few courses involved learning to do architectural drafting by HAND! I had to buy a drafting table. It was pretty intensive. Then there were the usual courses in the Principals of Design, Color Theory, Furniture History, Materials and Resources...I LOVED it.

This is kind of funny. The first-year Design 101 class involved doing up floor plans and drawn elevations, and making them into presentation boards. It was quite an extensive project. We all were scared to death when we saw what the final product was supposed to look like, because we didn't think we'd learn enough to be able to produce beautiful work like that in our first year.

Well, the quality of the teaching was quite good, and most of the class DID produce beautiful presentations.

Here's the funny part. A year later, I was walking down the hall in the design wing, and my teacher spotted me and called me into a classroom. There was a class full of wide eyed scared first year students looking at my presentation boards from the previous year! And they were all thinking...this is too hard! We can't learn to do this! OMG What have I gotten into!

So the teacher had me give a little pep talk to them, saying how we ALL feel that way at first, but it's amazing what we can produce with good teaching and support.

BTW, I was only attending part time (two classes a semester) and I had at least 20 hours of homework a week to do the projects right.

I loved it.

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Oh yay demicent. I hope I have as much fun with it as you did!

I will be sure and post thing here. Right now, I've only just gotten in touch with my tutor, who lives in Dallas, has a masters in Interior Design and has been practicing for 20 years. I should be getting the actual materials in a week or two.


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