possible sensitivity to gluten

minirose1September 17, 2013

Anyone on here whos sensitive to gluten? I'm starting a gluten free diet to see if it makes a difference in how I feel or if some of my complaints disappear. Was interested in what others have found out about their situations.

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I did an elimination diet two years ago and am so happy with the results. Different foods cause different reactions for me - gluten causes hair loss and psoriasis, dairy makes me feel very irritable, too many nightshades cause intense joint pain and peas and soy just mess me up all around. It seems like a lot to have avoid but not taking medication anymore makes it so worth it plus I look at all the foods that I still do well with and it is plenty.

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Also, if you need specific conditions addressed you can go to Celiac(dot)com and the people on that board are very good at helping out. There are many on the site who are gluten intolerant.

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With a gluten intolerance it is very difficult to absorb nutriments and a lot diseases are caused by deficiencies. You can still absorb sugar and calories.

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doesnt gluten make small holes in your stomach lining which sends food into your bloodstream makign your antibodies attack it

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Gluten is a long chain protein which in some people can not be broken by the stomach and passes into the small intestine where can destroy the villi which is needed to absorb nutriments from the food you eat but you can absorb calories and sugar.

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Your body doesn't NEED gluten (no body does) and it is very, very difficult for humans to completely digest. Is it ever digested?

Gluten is added to many things.

I have a family member that is "sensitive" and we have removed it from our diets, completely. Haven't missed it at all.

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