Multiple problems!

minirose1September 2, 2012

My husband has had a full year now of one health problem after another. It all started last September with a huge boil (infected sebaceous cyst)that was treated with antibiotics and removed surgically. His blood count was way off but the infection was blamed. As time went on and he wasn't getting any better, he wound up in the emergency room with a lot of abdominal pain. After a catscan of the aabdomen it was discovered that he had gallstones, an abdominal aneurysm, a blocked bowel and a strange area on the spleen. The blocked bowel was taken care of and the radiologist had remarked that the pain was likely from that and not from the other problems. He did feel better and was released with advise to follow up on the aneurysm. He continued after however to still have some abdominal pain and his blood count remained bad and he still felt bad and was still losing weight. Next decision was to remove the gallbladder to see if that didn't take care of the pain. Surgeon scoped out the abdominal area while in there and took a small sample of what appeared to be scar tissue from the strange area on the spleen. Results were benign! Family doctor was still perplexed and still worried about the spleen and husband continued to lose weight and feel terrrible. She, doctor, finally decided to repeat some of the tests to see if something would jump out and tell us something. So another scan and lots of blood tests, etc. were done and the first thing to come back was a positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. He was treated with antibiotic but still sick, then the results of the scan showed that he had two enlarged lymph nodes in his back. Next problem was trying to get a biopsy of one of the nodes, but was finally able to get one and it came back with a diagnosis of B-cell lymphoma. He was so sick at this point that he had to be transported to hospital by ambulance on the day of his first chemo session. The oncologist wanted him admitted for the first round. He spent five days in hospital, then another week in rehab before being strong enough to come home. He received six chemos and a new petscan showed no cancer activity. That was the end of May '12, so it was decided to repair the aneurysm which was done about six weeks ago. It was repaired with a stint and no problems there, but it knocked him back in his recouping so bad. He has a day where he seems to be a little better, then the next is terrible. He's running a low grade fever and it responds quickly to tylenol, but the fever affects his mind, so we go back and forth being able to communicate with him or not. He had some of this when going through the chemo, but I'm at my wits end in knowing how to deal with this. Doctors, so far, have not been very helpful with this. When he is feeling better he seems to totally be himself and doesn't seem aware of the problem. Has anybody had a similar problem? And if so, what were you told about it?

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How old is your husband and how is he doing now?

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