any thoughts?

MrsProffit25September 28, 2011

A few days ago i noticed a lump inside my cheek right where it meets the jaw. i have been dealing with tooth pain off and on for months i have a bad tooth but its like 3 teeth away from this lump. I thought maybe abscess but i have never had one so idk. this morning i touched my face and noticed my left cheek is numb. i cna barely feel anything more like a tingle as i run my fingers over area. really nervous but i dont have insurance. this has been such a bad month for me - uti, inner ear infection and now this.. so i have pretty much been on antibiotics all month so could it be an abscess? help!!!

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Don't really know but have an idea it is related to the inner ear infection. Are you off antibiotics now? Is the lump red or white? Do you get canker sores? If I have too much acid my tongue gets sore & bumpy. If it was an abscess I would think that the antibiotic treatment would have cleared it up or at least made it feel better. A root canal would be too deep to feel tho I had 1 yrs ago & it was an eye tooth in front & pain was mostly in my nose so possible infection from tooth is spreading out but like I said the meds should have made it feel better for awhile. Your bad tooth may be poisoning your whole body as you have had 2 infections in 1 month. If the tooth is towards the back on top it might be cheapest to have it pulled. At least get it x-rayed to see what is going on. Infected tooth can go to the heart & be fatal so not smart to ignore. Hope you get relief soon & end of your medical problems.

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I would get to your dentist immediately, sometimes the bad tooth can cause infections elsewhere, so it needs to be taken care of immediately. Best od luck, and keep us posted!

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What Michelle said "right away". It could be an abscessed tooth. People don't take an abscessed tooth seriously, but it can kill you. I have the Angel series and my favorite actor on the show died of an abscessed tooth. It's not as rare as you think.

Besides if it isn't an abscessed tooth all lumps need to be taken seriously.

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