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bus_driverJanuary 25, 2011

New Goodman heat pump. The Goodman installer suited me better than the installers of some other brands. The difference was more than price. The installation is first class. The outdoor unit fan does not run while defrosting, which I think is a good feature. But recently the unit had not been running for several minutes and when it started, it was in defrost mode for the first moments and then switched to heat mode. Does this seem normal? How does this unit sense or "decide" when to defrost?

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the Goodman HP senses nothing. It has time/temp defrost method which should be outlawed. Electronic demand defrost while not perfect is preferred over time/temp defrost method.

outdoor condenser fan is not supposed to run on defrost calls.

I would say the situation you describe is not normal. what is the setting on the defrost timer? normally, it's 30-60-90 minutes. this bears watching because defrost calls from time/temp method can be a nuisance due to many frequent and unnecessary defrost calls. plus hard on the condenser and hard on the pocketbook.

when the situation you describe occurs, at what outside temp?


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The defrost time is cumulative compressor run time (not constant). X minutes of cumulative compressor run time as long as the outdoor temp is below a certain point.

There is a "pin" on the defrost circuit board on the condenser unit. Just take off the small cover plate and you can see what the defrost timer is set to. I think they come factory default at 30 minutes. When I had my Goodman pump, I had the timer set to 90 minutes. Never had any problems with excessive frost in the 3 years that I lived in Maryland and had the heat pump.

You want to minimize excessive defrost cycles.

Take care.

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If it is a 13 seer you can pretty much bet it has timed defrost. I think demand defrost and a txv pretty much makes a 13 seer a 14+. If the defrost is timed I would have or get it set to at least 60 mins. You should be able to look up the model number and figure out the options on it without pulling covers.

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Thank you for the responses. I read through the literature that came with the unit and found no mention of the time setting. I will look at the control board. Thanks again.

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Found opportunity today to look at the control board. Pins marked "Test" "30" "60" "90" and a tiny jumper that is placed over two of the selected pins. It was set at 30 which I assume is the factory setting. Here in central NC, the worst of our Winter is over. I moved the jumper to "60". Will this setting be proper for this area during all of the typical Winter weather.

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I would try 60 and see how it goes. I bet you will have no issues with 60 minute intervals. I am not sure about 90 though. The 90 minute setting is great when it is cold and dry out but is too much if it is very humid or during any precipitation unless it is above freezing to start with.

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