Vinegar WORKS

guppy01September 13, 2009

I tried the vinegar method and it WORKED. Cheap, easy and harmless. Whoever says is doesn't work is wrong. I wasn't interested in the remedies that destroy my liver or kidneys, that's for sure. So here's my situation.

The type of fungus I had was white superficial onychomycosis on my 2 big toenails. It's the 2nd most common fungus and the easiest to cure, lucky for me. It had been there on my 2 big toes for about 6 months and I stupidly failed to realize it was a fungus. I tried treating it with an over the counter remedy, which helped. I got on several forums and read about trying vinegar. I did a little research and learned that the reason vinegar may work is because it changes the pH of the nail bed, making the conditions hard for the fungus to grow.

My method for a solid year, from August of 08 to today (9/12/09) has been to use white vinegar 2 times a day, in the morning and evening, RELIGIOUSLY. I may have missed 4 times the entire year. I put vinegar in an emptied out little bottle of shampoo, the kind you get for free in a hotel. I used an eye dropper and applied the vinegar under the nail and to the sides and nail bed and all over the nail, twice a day, every day, for a year. I also avoided nail polish all year, if I did put it on for a special event, IÂd take it off the next day.

My nail problem is gone, my toenails are back to their cute, normal selves. I'm going to keep it up for 1 more month just to be darn sure there's no little fungi still alive just waiting to come back. A year is a long time and 1 more month seems smart just to be sure.

I picked up the fungus in the locker room at my work's gym. Now I wear flip flops. Again, stupid of me to not have been more careful in the first place. Ah, oh well, live and learn.

Good luck...

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That's fantastic. A year is a long time though. I'm surprised you didn't give up. Maybe I'll try that.

Do you ever get pedicures? You could have gotten it there as well.

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I wonder if it would soften toenails also

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