Breathing issues

helpwiththisSeptember 20, 2010

I am in my early 30's and had asthma as a child. Got allergy shots in my childhood for allergies that triggered my asthma. In high school I stopped even using an inhaler and had no problems till last year. Then allergies and asthma came back. My dr gave me an inhaler again. But it has not solved my problems. I have been back numerous times for my breathing, it just does not feel right. It gets a little better with my inhaler or neb treatments, but not 100%. At night is the worst, I lay down and feel like I can't get deep breaths unless I lay on my right side.

The dr has sent me for a CT scan of my lungs, a pulmonary function test, and a stress test for my heart. All came back fine so he says my heart and lungs are good.

I am overweight and have been working on losing weight. Other than that my only health issue is an underactive thyroid which has been controlled by medication for 10 years.

I don't want to go back to the dr and seem crazy but I just feel like somehting is wrong. What do you think? Any ideas what could be wrong.

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Could it be your sinus or more particularly your nose. I am allergic to dust and cat dander. and both allergies affect me differently.

The cat dander gets me in the throat, but the dust seem to swell the tissues of my nose, mostly on the left side.

When they are bothering me and I lay on my right side I have a hard time breathing even with allergy pills. On my left side it is not so bad. If I plug my right nostril and breathe deeply, I am hardly getting any air at all. If I mouth breath I get full air.

Once I discovered this I started using saline nose spray and it helps.

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How about a food allergy?
Also, has the doc been checking your thyroid levels at intervals?
Hiatal hernia?
Are you under alot of stress? Stress can manifest with funky symptoms. Is your heartrate okay?

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