AllegraD, anything better?/Surgery option

Seamer1September 29, 2004

Every year I get an allergy to who knows what, and my nose is stopped up til spring. This year the fall season has started early, and I don't think I can live not being able to breath all winter. I am a nose breather, and hardly ever breath through my mouth. An ENT dr. says I need surgery to reduce the size of the Turbinettes in my nose. And that I have a deviated septum. Would it be worthwile to have this surgery? I worry bout the lenght of time my nose will be packed, since I'll have to breath through my mouth then.

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Have you been checked by a good allergist? If your allergies are due to spring and fall pollens, then it entirely possible that you would be greatly helped by having desensitizing shots.

Are Turbinettes something like polyps? Do they swell and stop up your nose only during the spring and fall?

Now, the deviated septum maybe be causing a lot of your problems. But here again, if it's a seasonal problem only, the surgery is going to help only a little. Sure, you would have to breath through your mouth for a while, but think of the YEARS that you will get relief.


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next step should certainly be allergy testing. Yeah, it's not pleasant, but trust me. When you confirm a chemical, allergen, food or anything else as an allergy, and can avoid it or medicate to prevent it, you'll be better off. And may avoid surgery.

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