Sanded but not sealed- for four years...

mkettsAugust 19, 2014

Hi all, we moved into a 1930 Dutch Colonial Revival home four years ago. The wood floors had been sanded but left unfinished at the time. Not having the time before the moving truck arrived, we moved everything in and pursued other projects. The floors looked fine- then!
Since that time, highly trafficked areas have developed a deep "patina" to put it kindly, and are in need of some kind of help prior to sealing. Others areas would most likely be fine being sealed as they are.
We are quite crowded into this 1200sf downtown Burlington home, so I can't see doing more than a room at a time (where would we put the darn furniture!?). I also can't see us being able to leave for any extended period.... Lastly, we want to do it ourselves if at all possible.
Do we need to get a sander/buffer? Yikes.... Just closing up a 12 month DIY kitchen remodel and onto the next big thing, I guess :-)

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Pics? Show the "patina" areas and a low-traffic area.

You might be able to just clean thoroughly with mineral spirits, stain and seal.

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