ringing sound in head (tinnitus?)

gma_jSeptember 5, 2003

For probably a couple of months now, I have had this constant ringing (hard to describe the sound) in my head. During the day when I am busy and there are other noises, I can forget about it--but, when I go to bed or sit down to read the paper, etc. or right now when I am sitting at the computer, it is there. Any thoughts? Is this possibly tinnitus? Does anyone have this or have any ideas what is causing it? Thank you so much. Jeanie

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It sure sounds like tinnitis to me. When was your last hearing test?

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Thanks for responsing, Heather. I don't seem to have any problem with my hearing, though I haven't ever had a hearing test. However, I did make an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow so maybe he will have some ideas.

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How did you make out Jeanie???

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It does sound like tinnitus, did you go to a concert recently? Or been in a loud place for a significant period of time?

Let us know what the doctor says!

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I've had this for several years and saw several doctors----apparently there is very little that can be done. The ringing at night sometimes drives me crazy, but running a fan helps. I tried a radio on at night, but found that I couldn't sleep with it on. May want to try one of these.

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I have one ear that almost always rings or feels/sounds like it is plugged or in a tunnel. Did all the ear tests, etc. The ear dr. recommended taking Niacin and it really does seem to help me! Maybe it would help you.

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I have also had this problem and have found that it was worse after I drank diet coke. I decreased the amount of coke, coffee and tea I was drinking and have noticed a marked improvement. Perhaps this can help someone like it did me. Judy

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The ringing in my hubby's ear was a horrible problem for him, but he finally found an ear doctor who helped him. Very simple - eliminate salt from your food. Sure worked for him, and it won't hurt you to try it.

Wishing you the best of luck,

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