Would like information from anyone who has had Seizures

enjoyingspringSeptember 30, 2012

In the past 6 months my 29 year old daughter has had 2 seizures, one last April and this past week. The first one she was getting into her car and that was the last she remembers, when she woke up she was exhausted, had chewed her tongue, this past week she was on the sofa, woke up on the floor and again was exhausted and chewed her tongue. Both times she went to the hospital, they have now told her to tak Dilantin and anti seizure drug.

I find this so dangerous, she could be in the shower or cooking something on the stove, there just does not seem to be any warning.l

She has had all the tests and nothing unusual has showed up.l

Just wondering if anyone else has had experiences with seizures and did you ever find out what they were caused from.


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I had epilepsy (they now call it seizure disorder). I had my first seizure at 15. I am now 63 and it's pretty well under control. There are many newer medications to control seizures. Your daughter should speak with her doctor. I am assuming her neurologist ordered a series of tests to determine the cause. I know it is scary for both of you. In most states individuals with seizure disorders cannot drive until she is seizure free for a period of time (varies from state to state). She really should not be driving until she can do so safely. It's not easy but it is for her benefit as well as the benefit of everyone else around her. It is normal to come out of a seizure and be very tired. I have never "chewed" my tongue. Good luck

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She is now on the drug Dilantin. How many seizures have you had and how often did they occur between each one. Yes, she has had all the tests but they didn't find anything wrong with her. No she is not driving now, I think it is better if she never does since you can't predict this coming one.

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I have epilesy,from child abuse and beatings on the head. I do not drive. I also do not take baths or showers unless hubby is in the house. I am 75 now, and have not had a seizure for years. I also have a sister who has seizures & they cannot find anything wrong with her brain, even at the Mayo clinic. Take time to research gluten and seizures, as I know a few people that removed gluten from their diets and seizures stopped. I have been gluten free for 15 yr. now because of a rare colon disease, but also no seizures for 15 years. You may contact me on my email for more info or discussion.

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I have had seizures after my open heart surgery almost 15 years ago. Since then,I've been taking Dilantin and everything is under control. However, if I missed taking my medication, then I would surely experience seizure.

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We have a friend who uses Frankincense on his 3 year old daughter and they have had a lot of success.

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