Blood Pressure

jbkiddSeptember 17, 2006

My Mother is 86 years old, her blood pressure is 112/58. Is this not too low, should she be concerned??

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Does it concern her doctor? If not, then she shouldn't worry either. Most people her age have a problem with high blood pressure and the resulting danger from stokes.

She probably doesn't have much energy. If that's a problem, again, it's her doctor's opinion as to what is to be done, what's important for her, at her age, and with whatever other health problems she has.

The strangers here on this forum, don't know these things. All we may know is what is true for other people that may have other problems. Listen to her doctor. If she doesn't feel comfortable with what he is saying, then perhaps, she would be happier finding another doctor.

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It's on the low end of normal. What does her doctor say?

The issue is this: Can she stand up and move around without passing out? If not, the BP is too low and she needs to be careful about sudden standing.

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Actually she has no effects from it, and her doctors says nothing. Just seems low to me.

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That's a perfect blood pressure. I wish I had it.

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My BP has always been low. When I am really in shape it goes very low. Some people have low BP, just like some people have high BP.

What's important is if hers has always been low, or not. If it was always high, and it is suddenly low now, then that may be an issue. Otherwise, if she has no symptoms or problems with it (doesn't feel lightheaded when she stands or sits up), and her doctor isn't concerned, and it has always been low or on the low side of normal, then you needn't be concerned either.

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I had a friend who always had low BP. She went to the doctor's and asked him if it was bad to have low BP. He said......."'ll live to be 100. But you won't have any fun doing it." lol!
I agree that it would be good to know what her normal pressures usually are. Even so.........112/58 isn't dangerously low. When I was younger and in shape, mine was about 90/50.

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In my best shape, mine was 70+/40+. I remember my mom taking it and her eyes getting bigger and bigger as she saw the mercury drop lower and lower before she heard the first and last beats, LOL. I was in my 20s and jogging every day at that time. Otherwise, normally it was 90+/60+ and now it is 110/70 in my worst shape ever. :o/

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