natural estrogen/ questions on overies

micahgroffSeptember 1, 2008

Can anyone tell me where to find the cream for natural estrogen, and the name please?

I am having my overies removed, and would like to use this instead of synthetic. I am having the worst hot flashes. My Dr. gave me Depo lupron shots to mimic my overies going through menopause. He wanted to see if the pain I was having would be stopped by the overies not working. The pain is still there. Have had a battery of other tests to eliminate the other possible causes. The pains are still there. I took a medical leave from work,two weeks before the surgery, and the pains are lighter, but still there.

I have a big fear that the DR. will remove the overies, and I'll still have pain.

Is there anything else it could be? My bladder maybe?

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How old are you? It could be that you wouldn't have any problems with the loss of your ovaries. Wait and see. Soy products, milk, tofu, etc. are said to work well in some women.

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