Tiling over outdoor pebble epoxy/resin coat

ladoladiAugust 25, 2012


We are looking to install slate tiles on our outdoor patio. Currently, it has a layer of very small pebbles mixed with an epoxy resin. The pebbles frequently come loose and there are 2 or 3 visible cracks through the resin suggesting there may be some cracks in the concrete slab beneath.

One tile setter said he would put sealer/filler over the cracks, but set the tile right over the pebbles. The second tile setter suggested removing the pebbles and epoxy because the small gaps in the pebbles could lead to moisture build-up and sealing the cracks in the slab. We live in Florida and have a pool on the other side of the patio.

My gut tells me the first guy is just trying not to do the work of removing the pebbles and epoxy and that it would be a much better and cleaner install without the pebble and epoxy underneath. Am I overthinking or wrong?

Thank you. Your input is much appreciated.

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Now that is an interesting question...something we don't see here often...unique, to say the least.

How much is it going to cost to remove the pebble layer? Perhaps that is the way to go, but how well-bonded is the pebble layer?

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In all likelihood, we would be doing the pebble-coat removal, so it wouldn't really be a matter of cost but time and sweat. I'm not sure how well bonded the pebble-coat is. We're considering trying to remove it at least in one spot, but I wanted reassurances that I wasn't totally crazy for thinking it would be a better tile job without the pebble-coat underneath.

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Slate can be quite slippery in the presence of moisture. And it gathers moss quite readily in shade. It's not a product I would want to install around a pool. I would investigate a porcelain look alike that has a high COF for better traffic safety in wet conditions.

And yes, anything installed over a failing epoxy coating has a super high chance of failing as well. The epoxy should be removed and the condition of the underlying slab assessed for slope and structural integrity. If it's cracked, and settled, and possibly directing rainwater runoff incorrectly, then it too should be removed and a new base poured. Then decorative stamping might make more sense.

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