common household diahretics

sailor86September 28, 2008

my 12 y.0. son is experiencing a tummy ache.(I believe it is because of the tough steak or the nachos with cheese dip he had last night). I believe his system shut down from over-exertion. I don't know if we have ex-lax laying around the house and I was wondering if there are any other household remedies that suit the purpose. Is pepto-bismol appropriate? He's stopped up.

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Pepto-bismol is for use when the bowels are loose, not if he is already "stopped up" then it would be the wrong thing to do. He might need a mild laxative, but he might not.

How long has he had this tummy ache? If it keeps up, you might need to take him to the ER. It could be appendicitis.

Oh, and a diuretic is to increase kidney function. It is not used to increase bowel action. A diuretic might also make constipation worse.

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