Artery Drano??

petra_gwSeptember 19, 2006

I just came across the following recipe, it supposedly cleans out existing deposits in arteries and should be used once a year as a preventative. The recipe has a disclaimer, that one should check with their doc prior to using. I can post a link to the site, but it is in German and I had to translate the recipe. Any thoughts from the natural-remedy savvy ones among us? :o)

Garlic-Lemon Elixir

30 peeled cloves of garlic

5 organic, unsprayed, unpeeled lemons, seeded and cut into small pieces

Puree garlic and lemons in mixer or food processor, combine mixture with 1 liter water and bring to a boil. Take off heat, skim, strain and bottle. Store in a cool place. Drink a small glass every day, before or after lunch.

**Because this recipe dissolves calcifications, check with your doctor prior to use.

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No one will ever know if it works or not unless there have been a series of angiograms documenting what's happening in the arteries. If it could "dissolve" the calcium deposits, it would also probably dissolve your teeth.

Garlic is good for you. So is the vitamin C from the lemons. Eat both every day instead of just the once a year and you will be healthier than you would be if you don't.

Boiling them together will destroy some of the nutritional benefits that you would otherwise get from a glass of lemonade and a garlic clove in your salad. Garlic is good in so many things, you should take advantage of using it every chance you get. Your entire body will thank you.

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Hi Agnes, of course no one really knows if this works, I just find the recipe interesting.

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Oh, it is interesting. That's for sure!!! It would surprise you how many people would believe it as the honest-to-gospel truth. I even wondered if we do have calcium deposits in our arteries. I know we have cholesterol deposits that clog up the arteries, but I don't think I have ever heard about calcium.

Most people have much too little calcium in their system and that's why we hear so much about osteoporosis.

I have seen the garlic capsules on the shelves at the local drug store. They would easily supply some needed nutriments to someone whose diet was not all it should be.

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Well, I can't imagine being deficient in garlic, it enhances food so much that we eat it just about every day. :o)

I do recall reading about calcium deposits in arteries a while back, so that part is true. I suppose even though no one can vouch for the efficacy of this recipe, at least it does not appear do be dangerous. I re-read the article, and by small glass they mean really small, something like a shot glass.

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I belive it would work for me. The amount of lemons would definately keep me from talking,and putting my foot in my mouth, (my mouth would pucker so much) and the garlic would keep everyone that causes me stress in my life away for a whole year until it was time for the next doseing. LOL ;o)Ellen

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Ellen, please do try it and report back. :o)

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