Opti-Free Replenish Ruined Contact Lenses

karenl60September 15, 2010

I had started using Replenish on my soft contacts about 2 years ago. I had always been able to wear my contacts for a year without getting new ones. I began experiencing problems with my eyes being so dry and my contacts becoming discolored and I couldn't keep them clean. I had to buy new contacts every three months. I thought I was just developing dry eye. I began to think about it and realized that my problems did not start until I began using Replenish. I purchased a new pair of contacts and went back to using Walmart's brand of disinfecting solution. I have had that pair of lenses for a year now with no problems. Replenish ruined four pair of lenses. I will never use the stuff again.

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I like Replenish, no problems here!

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