rotator cuff surgery-not doing

sewnice50September 5, 2006

I had rotator cuff surgery April 14, its been almost six months and it hasn't been easy. Yesterday, I think I either stained my arm or retore it. I am in pain. I cant see my Dr. until tomorrow as he is on vacation. Has anyone has had a tear after surgery and not had it re-repaired? I don't think I can go through a second surgery. 2 months off work and all that pain, I just cant do it. If I had this to do over I would have gone for physical therapy, but my Dr.said that wasn't an option....

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I would suggest that you first see your present doc. Hear what he has to say and then, before doing anything that he suggests, get a second opinion ASAP. Bring copies of all your records from your present doc, everything that is in his charts including the operative notes, any xrays, MRI, CT scans. Everything.
Get your second opinion from a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon that specializes in the shoulder.

You should have healed from that surgery by now and not be having any problems.

I had similar problems from ortho surgery on a tendon in my arm. Long story short, my biggest mistake was not getting a second opinion before surgery and not using a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon.

In June I had to have spinal surgery and used a sports medicine doc specialized in spinal surgery from the same practice that I got my after the fact second opinion on my non healing arm. They fixed my arm fine, and also my spine as well. The regular orthopedic docs said at leas 12 months to recover from the spinal surgery and very large incision in my back. Was in an out in 12 hours and almost fully recovered from spinal surgery with a 1 inch incision scar in my back and it's only been 3 months!!!!!

I would never use just a regular orthopedic surgeon and always get a second opinion.

Good luck and let us know how you are going.

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