Need to get my mother in my truck

heidihoSeptember 8, 2009

There's a family reunion coming up and I want to take my 85 year old mother. She weighs 265lbs. and I don't know how I'm going to get her into my Ford Escape. She can't pick her legs up more than about 12". I have no running boards and don't know anyone with a small car. The guys in the family tried to pick her up one day to lift her but she said it hurt and she was upset so they quit. I've tried several foot stools and small step ladders but she's afraid to fall. Is there some kind of medical equipment I can rent to help us? Thanks for your time and have a nice day.

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I think if you got a walker you could put it around the stairs and she would be comfortable climbing up the step stool. Especially if you have a big guy on each side. She might have trouble with her balance and that's why she is not comfortable not having something to hold on to.

Maybe there is some kind of lift too. Call a pharmacy who sells surgical appliances.

You might get some info from nursing homes or hospitals or anyone who deals with the elderly, too if you call and tell them your story.

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Surely this is not the first time this problem has come up. What do you do when she needs to go to the doctor, dentist, etc? Can she get into a car without trouble? If so, use a car. Someone in the family must have a vehicle she can get in and out of without difficulty. Or, if that's not an option, look into getting a hydraulic lift for your truck. If there is a hospital in your town, there is probably a medical supply rental place who can help you with what is available.

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I have a good idea. My sister in law is in the same boat. I used a ramp. It's easy to carry one in the truck and all she had to do was walk up the ramp. A lot easier than a stool. I have a plastic one and it's not to heavy.

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Great ideas ladies! Thanks so very much for your help.
I really appreciate your suggestions. I have till Oct. 12th. so that'll give me time to try these and see which one works the best for our needs.
Thanks again.

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I have friends in that same boat. See if there is a medical rental place there, they can help you a lot with a decision. Sometimes we don't look at the whole picture, and miss the biggest need of all. Best of luck to you.

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