Meds from Canada

goldySeptember 9, 2004

Has anyone had any problems with ordering Meds from Canada? It sounds too good to be true.

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It's hard to believe no one has responded to this question. I would have thought some would have. I have insurance so I am still getting them here, but if I didn't have it I would certainly be sending a letter to Canada. RAA

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They probably haven't answered because I don't think the program works for people who do not live near Canada. I heard you had to have a doctor there that will approve the prescrition. We now have a store that sells Canadian meds, but you don't save enough to bother with it. The store adds their expenses to the Canadian costs.

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I live close to the Canadian border...many, many people go over for meds. Going over there, or ordering online, is so common I can't imagine there would be a problem as long as you get them from a company that's been around a while.

For a short while, a couple of years back, I had to take meds that were really expensive & I have no drug coverage. I asked the doc about Canadian drugs, he thought it was fine - I never got around to it though.

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