cate1337January 22, 2008

My 22 month old just asked to go potty. I took her in there, put her on her special potty seat, and started straightening up. Noticed that the toilet brush was missing but that its container was still there. Thought about the funny scratching noise I heard from the kids' rooms about half an hour earlier. Thought about how my 3 year old had left the potty door open and I'd closed it as I went by about half an hour earlier.

I can't find the brush.

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You know the scariest sound for a mother of young children?


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Sweeby, you are 110% right! Yet I still enjoy the silence so much. There's the classic nighttime dilemma: they were screaming, then abruptly silent, you know they were so tired they just conked out (once actually in mid-scream) but are worried. Are you so worried you go to check, wake them up, and go through the whole loud long trauma again?

What REALLY panics me is when the 3 year old says, "Mama, don't come in here! We're fine! Nooooo, I don't want you to come in here right now!" All while dashing around obviously trying to cover something up.

I still haven't found the toilet brush. Where could one toilet brush go? I half expected to go to bed last night and find it under my pillow!

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Cate - two ideas:

1)look in the drawer where you store your items that are most expensive to dry-clean or

2) in the roasting pan that only makes an appearance at Thanksgiving

You're welcome!

C'mon - how long you been a Mom? :)

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Cate, please tell me you found the brush. This has almost kept me awake at night waiting for an ending to this story--where WAS it???

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Oh man, I can't wait to hear where you found the lovely present waiting for you.

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The thing is, NOTHING is where it's supposed to be right now! The china cabinet's in our bedroom - with everything inside placed just where it is when in the dining room, so I can remember - and our coats are in DS' room, and dishes are in the linen closet, and there's an extra chair just hanging out in the hallway, with our shoe oraganizer... it makes the searching go a lot slower!

No toilet brush in the roasting pan. (Lol, I only just got one from my DM for Christmas.)

No toilet brush in the wardrobe, with dry-clean-only sweaters and just-in-case gifts. (At any minute, the kids are going to discover my "gift closet" and ruin it all.)

No toilet brush in the giant wicker hamper that's supposed to be for donations but keeps getting violently emptied to play the role of Oscar the Grouch's trashcan.

I didn't check in the crevasses under our bed. I don't want to know what might be living under there.

Tonight, after Fairytale's kind call-out on the Serious Board (you've outed me to everyone - lol!), I harassed my 3 1/2 year old about it again. Thinking he'd found a way out of bedtime, he smiled sweetly and said, "Mama, let me help you! I think it's in YOUR bedroom."

Tonight I am wise, saw the tricky little fox at his game, and remembered that I'd never checked behind the no-one-under-25-allowed-because-it'll-break-your-back-papason in one corner of his room. I'd checked under its front side before, mind you. I wiggled partially under, over the legos obstacles, and...


One located toilet brush!

Now where did I put the bleach?

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