Hypoglycemic seizures

ilovepocoSeptember 28, 2007

First let me apologize in advance if I say anything that strikes anyone as inappropriate or disrespectful on this forum. Because it's my dog that is having the seizures, probably caused by a pancreatic tumor (diagnosis based on blood tests.)

The reason I am posting to this forum instead of Pets (where I have already received a wealth of useful information) is because we are at quality-of-life discussion time with this sweet old girl, and she can't tell me if she is in great pain or unbearably stressed or anxious or fearful.

If anyone has suffered this kind of seizure, I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide about the experience and its after-effects. After a major seizure, my dog is distracted, very shaky and wobbly, panting, thirsty and hungry, and paces and circles for a long time. But then she comes out of it, and she is very tired, but happy to see us and physically and mentally normal, as far as I can tell.

Since her diagnosis, I've been able to manage the seizures by feeding her small meals 5 times a day (protein and brown rice), and this has greatly smoothed things out (the aim being to prevent her blood sugar from plummeting.) Also, when I see the facial twitching that signals a seizure, I can head it off with some Karo syrup. But once one gets going (if she's in another room and I don't catch it), it's pretty bad. She had the first really bad one about 3 weeks ago, and another last night which was off the charts - it was the first time that she seemed to lose consciousness and experience a grand mal-type seizure.

I know it's only a matter of time. She's 16+, has other chronic ailments, and has led a long and happy life. We don't want to subject her to invasive tests, surgery, or medications with nasty side effects. But knowing what she is feeling or experiencing would help me in some difficult decision-making. I love her to pieces, but do not want her suffering needlessly.

Thanks in advance. Again, if this is an inappropriate post on a human health forum, I apologize sincerely.


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A loved one is someone that we care so much about. The number of legs that someone has really doesn't matter all that much.

I think you will feel better is you do what you can to keep her as comfortable as possible. I'm with you about tests, etc. Even if you find something out, at her age, you probably would not find a solution that would restore her health.

Pet her a little extra for me please. I miss our doggies so much. I wish we could have another little lap bundle.

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My son lost their almost 17 year old dog about a year ago. She had seizures from the time she was about 3 or 4. Sometimes severe lasting for 8 to 10 minutes, sometimes quite brief. She was much as you describe when it was over....she seemed to like to be in a small space when she was seizing.
I don't think the seizures alone are any reason to put her down. It's the total quality of life you should be looking at.
Linda C

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Thanks for the kind thoughts :o)

I'm going to play it by ear. The day after this last major seizure, she was groggy and slept most of the day, but seemed in OK spirits. Now she's back to her normal (creaky, arthritic, slow, spacey - she's deaf) self. The vet said that she likely doesn't remember the seizures, but may have experienced anxiety before and pain afterward from the muscle spasms, and from when she bit her tongue.

If the vet was at hand while she was seizing, the decision would be so simple. But I'm going to keep her around a little longer, as long as she is enjoying herself, as she seems to be.

Thanks again,

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