Meds from PuertoRico

goldySeptember 11, 2004

Found a real gem in PuertoRico.I take lipitor and the price is $1.00 a pill.This is half of what I pay at my own drug store chain.If anyone is interested I will give address.Goldy

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Be very careful of pills like that, I would be leery of poor countries. I don't know anything about PR, but some countries/pharmacists puts substitute stuff inside. Meds from Pakistan are known to be filled with rice.

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Puerto Rico isn't a "Poor country"; it is a territory of the U.S. and operates under the same rules. If you found a deal, it's just that the vendor is giving a good price. There is no difference in legal policy from here in the mainland except that PR does not have sales tax.

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Thanks for your reply.We have many PuetoRicans working in this country too.We all have guidelines to follow.I have great faith in these pills.If something is wrong with them it would not take much to trace the source.Goldy

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Thanks Karen I knew PR was a territory, but didn't know about the economy or how involved we are with them. We had a doctor just 100 miles from us that was diluting cancer treatment meds, I guess it happens every where.

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Got my seven days and they told me it would take fifteen.Came wrapped real well and a follow up email asking me if all was well.Most of the doctors and medical people in this country are from countries we have never been.We have to learn how to trust people if we are to live together.My doctor is from India and I love him and trust him.

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My mom got her stomache pills ( prilosec) from
Mexico the last time they were there. Got two bottles
from one drug store(it's all the had) and went to another
drugstore to get two more. The package said, they were
the same thing only the packageing was different color.
She used the first two bottles with no problem but then
when she switched to the next two they didn't seem to be
working so she took them to be checked out and found them not to be much more then a glorfied tums. Guess you just have to just be careful where you get your drugs.

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