use of Fosomax for osteoporosis

mugnainiSeptember 28, 2006

I am 51 years young and went for my first bone scan. My doctor wants me to take Fosomax 70 mg one time a week for prevention of osteoporosis. I have a family history of this disease and arthritis. After viewing the intrenet I have concerns about taking Fosomax. Because I am relativley young I do not want to be taking a drug for the next thirty years. Any suggestions, comments....

Please share your experiences with this medication,

Thank you

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I've been taking Fosamax 70 MG for the past two years. I haven't noticed any side effects from taking this drug, and next year I'll have another bone density test to see if there is any improvement in my bone health. I'm 5 years older than you, and I also have a family history with Osteoporosis. My mother suffered from this disease, and both of my younger sisters also have it. Tuffs University has done a lot of research on Osteoporosis and Dr. Miriam Nelson has a website that I would recommend you visit. Strength training and weight bearing exercises have been proven to also contribute to bone density. You can also sign up for Dr. Nelson's monthly newsletter - free of cost.

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I have been diagnosised with osteo pina and I really really hope to make a difference with strength training and weight bearing exercises as the previous poster mentioned. my consult with the doctor isn't until next week but since I know that bone will repair I hope to avoid the fosamax is some really nasty stuff and I would like to avoid it if I can...It will really depend on the results of my bone scans..

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As we age, your body will steal calcium from your bones, so just know you'll probably need something the rest of your life unless you could get enough calcium and magnesium with your diet? I take 1200 mg/day of calcium and magnesium. I use the tumorx products and they've helped my calcium levels to improve.

Here is a link that might be useful: TumorX calcium

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Dear Forum,
I have osteoporosis too, and have taken Fosamax. I became concerned about the long term effects and decided to look for an alternative. There is one! I found a Chinese Herbal Medicine called Xianling Gubao. It is hard to find here in the states, as it is under approval by our FDA at this time. It is offered in OTC form in China, however, and I have a supplier there.
Unlike many Chinese Traditional Medicines, this one is manufactured by a highly respected firm who does clinical trials to verify the efficacy of their medicines. Xianling Gubao in its trials shows efficacy equal to the biophosphonates! It has no side effects, either!
I have decided to try and market it, and have a website. If you are interested, I have links to the clinical trial information. The price is reasonable, considering shipping from China.
Feel free to contact me for any information!


Here is a link that might be useful: Mountain Herbal Medicines

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