boystownSeptember 6, 2013

Anyone have experience with Gout??? My DH woke up with a horrible pain in his left toe and side of his foot. I have him soaking his foot in Epson Salts right now. Could this be gout??? If so, can this be treated at home?

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My husband had it and didn't even know it, so don't about symptoms. In a routine blood work up the doctor saw that his uric acid was way to high. He didn't need treatment, but the doc gave him a list of food he should not eat. Of course they were his favorites. I only remember bacon and nuts. He stuck with the diet and all was well.

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Yes EmmaR it is a build up of uric acid crystals in the joint.
The food to avoid is alcohol,organ meats, sea food, lentils, beans, peas, and fructose sources. you might find folic acid, cherries and cherry juice, herbs gout weed and saffron. I quick check with your doctor might be a good bet because if untreated and lead to kidney problems.

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