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niccijohnJanuary 16, 2010

I am posting this because I just had another contractor basically laugh in my face. My husband and I started our kitchen remodel last summer and this has become a regular occurrence. They are all WRONG!

First, I was told I could not get a counter depth french door refrigerator for under $2500, Really? I got a GE Profile counter depth french door at Home Depot for $2079.89 including tax! Did you know HD has a policy that if you can find a better price, even on line, they will match it and then take 10% off? Worked for me!

Next, I was told (repeatedly) that I could not get solid wood cabinets for my kitchen for less than $4000. Wrong again! I just ordered all the cabinets (Maple mind you) for my kitchen for $3838.88. That's right people. They are made by a company called Kabinart, and there is not one piece of fiberboard in the lot. On top of that, I managed to get a 24", 33" and 36" drawer base cabinet in there and the whole thing is honeywood/coffee glazed. Same deal, I did my homework, found an internet company and then a local dealer to adjust their price.

This morning I got told I cannot afford to put in granite countertops for less than $2450 "unless it's cardboard". Watch me, I will update as I go along for all the nay-sayers and people like me.

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Good job there!

To save money on granite look for Chinese importers of prefab granite countertop lengths. Then negotiate them down from their list price, include the sink and throw in the plywood base while they're at it. These guys list on Craigslist constantly.

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Hi, and yay for you! I love finding 'deals'. :o)

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Go get 'em, niccijohn! Great work.

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we ordered level 2 granite for 2700.00 or a 10 foot run a solid piece yes a solid piece and another 4 foot run for our kitchen. Prices start at 39.00 and they are called stonemasters in kennett Pa. extremely nice great a pleasure was painless transaction. The first granite company gave me the money back when they messed up my countertops cutting them onsite Ha! H! lol! you should of seen how crooked they were. yes, I purchased New my kitchen 36 counterdepth for 1500.00 yes It was when they were changing the models out. I just purchased cherry cabinets on sale and free bumpers and a thousand dollar incentive and free glaze upgrade all wood cabinets and solid door, dovetail drawers $2000 off. Yes we can all have nice kitchens. (1 year ago Long story flood.) My last kitchen appliances and all for 11,000 stainless steel kitchenaid appliances and maple cabinets, solid wood, porcelain floor mud floor. granite countertops.if you need any suggest just ask look and shop around. don't be afraid to print out web specials and show them to stores. Remind them of the economy.someone is always out there with better deals today. Do the research and check BBB. to protect yourself from bad deals.

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