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misslagSeptember 6, 2007

Hey everyone,

Some of us are in the prime of our lives, and medicine is unfortunately getting to be routine. Me, I'm on Fosomax and Cymbalta. Yippee! I like my doctor, but felt a little odd about my new meds, so I tried to do some research online to find out more about them. After forever, I came across a non-profit site that sends you emails about the safety of your medication. You just type in your drug and they send you it's safety level. The site is

I thought this was way to "cool" to not pass on.

thanks girls,


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I would much prefer to do my own research than depend on a non profit organization. I am sure you can find a non profit organization that will show that you will die of an ulcer in 3 years on Fosomax and another that will show your spine will collapse into a pile without it.
It doesn't take long to google your meds and see what various organizations have to say.
I hope the Cymbalta helps the depression.
Linda C

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Medicine isn't routine for everyone.... I'm trying to postpone that possibility if I can through healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Regular, daily exercise of moderate intensity is my "drug" of choice..... and hopefully always will be.

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My uncle felt sick, he's was 85. Went to the hospital, they took his history. When they asked "What medications do you take?" , he could only answer"A multi-vitamin". They found nothing wrong and sent him home. That was 1987.

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I find most pharmacies now a days are pretty good about keeping track of and cross-referencing medicines. Just get all your medicines from one pharmacy; they are usually very friendly about addressing OTC drug reactions too. Also, be sure to read the info. sheet that comes with your medicine about any possible problems. It will usually be the best source of a lot of info.

It's nice to see some people don't need medicine or never will. But for many people, it's not a choice and has nothing to do with their chosen livestyles, but rather their genetics.

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What was the health tip?

Many doctors believe genetics play a major part in health before age 30, after that life style affects your health more. As for medicines, the more medications you relie on the faster good health disappears. Prescription drugs have so many side effects that it doesn't take much to get yourself out of balance and you get onto this never ending cycle trying to get better. Best to take an early interest in your own health, eat good food, expand your circle of friends or get a pet, find physical activities you enjoy and do them regularly, keep a cheerful positive outlook and smile more. This may sound like pie in the sky for some but think of some people with major disabilities who have been able to live productive full and remarkable lives. That's how I psych myself out anyway, I believe in the placebo effect. I have a friend who lives 100% on the advice of her doctors, won't take vitamins w/o their approval and doesn't; she's always in treatment for one thing or another, is dizzy a lot, falls a lot, cannot lift her arms, needs a walker, can't even sleep in bed because she doess not have the strength to get up. Claims to be allergic to everything so eats a very limited diet, it's too much trouble to fix a meal from scratch so most of her meals come from cans, hates cats and dogs belong outside. I'm ranting here because I wish I could help this lady but she has already made up her mind about her lifestyle and I respect that for anyone.

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"Many doctors believe genetics play a major part in health before age 30, after that life style affects your health more"

So, if you're 35 and die from breast cancer it's because you don't jog enough or eat enough green veggies? I don't think so.....

I think your ideas are passionate..but sadly many people do need medication and can not just "psych" themselves out or get rid of health issues by jogging...Maybe for your and your health (which I would guess is good) it does work, but many people really do deal with serious illnesses everday of their lives and need medicines to survive. Until you actually "Need" a medicine you probably won't understand.

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