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ncdelAugust 19, 2013

We bought a house from a builder and noticed visible seams within about 6 months that got progressively our one year warrantee inspection the carpet guy confirmed it was delaminated in two large seams and I have since noticed it in a inspector came and took photos and samples and I am waiting on the results... My question is, is there really any way to fix this that would be more than a temporary fix, and what I would assume would be unsightly depending on how they do i?. I believe the delamination goes at least six inches in both directions on both seams that they inspected... My understanding is that they could try to cut the delaminated area but would have to put a new strip in, which would be brand new next to almost two yrs of wear plus possibly a different color...we may move in the next year or two and I do not want a faulty carpet to be an issue.

I think they should replace the carpet since I suspect it will just continue to fall apart even w some quickie fix but looking for other opinions and experience?

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We were just told by a restoration company that once carpet has started delaminating, it has to be replaced.

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The problem is the fact that this is builder grade carpet more than likely laid by the cheapest carpet guy he could find. They will invariably replace it with the same type carpet, laid the same way and it will continue to be a viscous cycle.

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is this a berber or a cut pile?

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thanks all!
This is a cut pile.
I was under the impression the real solution is replacement also but of course I'm sure the builder/carpet co does not want to do that. As the house was a spec house and I imagine this was the lowest grade carpet, what i'm REALLY hoping to do is pay the difference for an upgrade if they tell me they'll replace it.
I have been playing phone tag for 2-3 weeks now to set up my 3rd appt to discuss the carpet and my concern was that on the message he said- we need to set up an appt to 'fix' your carpet. I'm going to push back hard but was hoping to find some good references or something from carpet manufacturers or experts to support my argument for replacement. The 'lucky' thing is that one seam (the one looking the worst) is pretty long, across a room that is probably 10 feet wide at that point and patching it would be pretty difficult.

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if dye lots match doing a 'patch' on cut pile will be much easier and less noticeable than on a berber. Its a installation issue as sealing the seams is pretty standard.

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What are the chances dye lots would match from carpet installed about 20 months ago?
I would assume if the carpet is faulty (since this is happening on at least 3 different seams) the problem will just continue even w/ a seal at the end?

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First of all, most carpet mill warranties state that the mill reserves the right to repair the carpet. That can be a good outcome because replacing carpet is a pain. If a repair is attempted, be sure that the repair meets your approval. Stand your ground on this.

You are right to want an upgrade because it is common for builders to include short term, entry level carpet is spec homes. If the carpet is replaced, the subcontractor will be credited for the cost of material and labor. It will be like starting over which gives you the opportunity to get something better.

Good luck!

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installers seal the seams not the mill. Why would you think this is a manufacturing issue? Its an installation issue.

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Because the problem is throughout the carpet (extending a minimum of 6 inches back from 3 different seams so far, in both directions at each seam) not just at the seams and from much of what I've read, if the problem does not come as a result of excessive moisture (a big spill, pet urine, etc) and is on all the seams from a roll of carpet, there is often a problem with the adherent between the top of the carpet where the fibers are, and the backing that is glued to the floor. If it is just about a seam not being sealed, that would mean the only place those 2 pieces of the carpet (top & bottom) are attached to each other is at the seams which makes no sense to me.
Our carpet has never been wet or even cleaned w/ a steam or solvent cleaner since it is so new, so I know it is not that.

I have done searching online & found many different sites stating that it is often a defect in the latex from manufacturing so I don't think I'm off base on this.

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